Mick is a classically trained tenor who has studied Gaelic and Sean Nos singing in NJ for more than a decade.
He's studied the Irish Drum- the Bodhran, in NJ and on the isle of Inis Oir in Ireland.

As a long time saxophonist, the transiton to Low and Tin Whistles was painless, aided by many workshops in NY and NJ, including a week with Mary Bergin and Margie Mulvahill. Also guitar...


We play many Irish Traditional Songs and Tunes, more traditional than toorahloorahloora but nothing is off limits! Also power pop.

Danny Thompson , is our amazing keyboardist . Dan  played Irish music as a child for his family, before appearing in pop bands and accompanying church choirs. Also great on guitar. Also sings lead and harmony

Chris Bolger -Also sang Irish songs to his family while growing up.  Then he joined dozens of bands, produced dozens of records and now returns to his roots with us on many occasions.
Irish Bouzouki, Banjo, Mandolin, Bass, Guitar, vocals

Bob Dowling is an accordion virtuoso, but he can switch to virtuoso piano instantly. He is also becoming quite the fiddler  :)
also on accordion:
Jean and  Joe  

Fiddler? Of course, just say the word. , and that can be arranged. Of course the lovely Elizabeth Roisin Mitsch on fiddle and vocals when we have the honor..
Also Dave, Damian, and others
On Guitar  - Chris Shelly and Joe G and others.   


Drums- Matt Patuto, Gerry Papetti

Dennis Diken drummed and added harmony vocals to "Bogs of Mayo" on the record and has  popped in for a couple of  gigs;
Also drummed on "Christmas Crystals" and   " Freedom's Like Flying".
Aideen O'Donnell added vocals to the record, as did Christine DeLeon.
Ray Gehringer with guitar on it.  Mozart with  Bass. Gerry P. on Drums

Record Fiddlers: Aimee Morill Briant, Mark Schaffer, John Killackey and Elizabeth Roisin Mitsch

OH, the name of our dog.........? FIDDLER of course
see him on the "empty page"